Happy GDPR day WordPress – now let’s get back to work ;)

WOW what a ride! Some 200 days has passed since I first started reading EU General Data Protection Regulation, finding GDPR friends in the WordPress COmmunity, and seeing the project take form inside WordPress core. The day has arrived - 25th of May - I've said that date quite a few times now, and although [...]

GDPR: We’re in BETA – 21 days before the deadline

Am I poud? Hell ya. Did i code a single line - nope 😉 But nonetheless, my team has spend roughly 125hours to help out on this project that we gave birth to. The project was adpoted by the WordPress community and the result is now in Beta for the upcoming WordPress 4.9.6 version: https://www.gdprwp.com/were-in-beta-wordpress-4-9-6-beta-ships-gdpr-tools-21days-before-the-25th-of-may/

Meetup Porto: Interview about GDPR for WP

In December 2017 together with Peter Suhm from WPPusher.com, we'd just launched the basic idea of a PHP object Interface to tackle the upcoming GDPR challenges. Our Ideá was that a common interface adopted and implemented by the general community of WordPress would ensure a unified way of identifying Personal Data, and this makes it [...]

GDPR is comming

The carefree "let's code this stuff, and ask visitors for their names and personal preferences" so that we can ____ is over! In about 192 days from now, EU General Data Protection Regulation will protect any personally identifiable information on any EU citizen, anywhere on the web - no matter where in the world your [...]

(Danish)Use Visual Composer and Advanced Custom Fields for your next WP project – no coding required

Jeg er næsten ligeglad med hvilket tema du vælger, bare du vælger et med en rigtig god page builder - sådan en af dem hvor du kan ændre på strukturen for dit indlæg eller side, uden at skulle kode. Lige nu betyder det et tema med Visual Composer fra WPBakery. Her får du flest funktioner [...]

CSS: Blend mode – when you need to make those awsome transparent looks

So you'd like an image to have a colourful overlay of sorts, right? Then this is what you need: background-blend-mode: CSS-Tricks.com is the place to go for anything related to CSS I would have loved the feature when we did Danner.dk back in the day, but luckily it was around when Åfjord.no was built!