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The WP Session

On the very last day of 2019, I bought my first .com domain was live, about a month into 2020, and – oddly enough the site is in Danish, catering to the Danish WordPress market.

The plan is to fill the website with video tutorials and how-to’s on WordPress related issues. This is a crowded market I know, but I still feel that in Denmark, there isn’t any good video ressources that actually share the mishaps and issues you can encounter while working with WordPress.

It’s my hope, I can show what issues you might encounter, and how to deal with them – on video 😉 is also a way for me to streamline requests from people in need of help. So I’ve made it easy to fill out a form, to enlist my help on a WordPress related issue.

By DejligLama

Working at Kulturværfet - and freelancing at DejligLama focusing on putting WordPress to the test in the hands of businesses in Denmark.

Talking and teaching Content strategy from a WordPress standpoint.

One reply on “The WP Session”

Hi Kåre

I am also a Danish WordPress blogger that bought a .net domain in the beginning of 2020. I have had my old .dk domain for almost 10 years, but I was writing in English from the beginning and most of my blogging relation was from around the world so I felt to limited by a .dk domain. I was looking for a .com domain but ended up with a .net domain name instead. That has been a great journey so far.


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