I’m quite sure, by know, you know that I’m heavily invested in GDPR. Specifically when it comes to looking past the law texts surrounding the regulation, focusing on providing the actual tools needed to comply with the new lives of a website administrator after May 25th, 2018.

One thing is to spend piles of money on privacy policy texts on your website – you should – of course…

Another thing is how to handle the request your users are now permitted to bring before you because of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Yes yes yes – I’m STILL talking about:

  • What data do you have on me?
  • Can you provide me with a copy of the data you have on me(readable, and machine-readable?)
  • Can you allow me to make changes to the data?
  • Can you please delete or otherwise anonymize the data you have on me so that it is no longer data that points to me as a human being?
  • Do you have means of notifying me and the appropriate authority within your country if a data breach occurs?
  • Can I retract consent previously given to you partly or in full?
  • Do you have a log in place that collects any interaction I might have on your system when it concerns personal data and given content on my part?
  • How do you handle if a backup with my data is re-introduced after I’ve asked for deletion?
  • How do you handle if a 3rd party element of your website changes it’s compliance texts and ways they use any data your website might share with them ?

Soo many questions – many are possibly easy to answer from a technical standpoint, and some might not even require a technical solution – a simple written Todo might be sufficient in some cases.

For WordPress at least, we’re making real headway with since the GDPRWP.com project has been adopted by the community and now lives inside WordPress Trac tickets – being actively developed by the community – something I’m quite happy with 🙂

Interested in GDPR in relation to your website?
Please don’t hesitate – reach out

Kåre Mulvad Steffensen

Published by DejligLama

Working at Kuto.dk and freelancing at DejligLama focusing on putting WordPress to the test in the hands of businesses in Denmark. Talking and teaching Content strategy from a WordPress standpoint.

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