GDPR is comming

The carefree “let’s code this stuff, and ask visitors for their names and personal preferences” so that we can ____ is over!

In about 192 days from now, EU General Data Protection Regulation will protect any personally identifiable information on any EU citizen, anywhere on the web – no matter where in the world your company or server is located.

I’ve been reading through the final text of the regulation, and the more I read, I feel the urge to remove the “EU” from the name of this regulation.  It may be a massive regulation already, and how it’s going to be enforced by various controlling bodies within the EU alone is anybody’s guess. But from a personal perspective, in a world where big data is used more and more to target users in both commercial and political situations, this law lay the foundation that should reach across borders.

GDPR is coming – in one form or the other. If not from the top, then from the people fed up with the non-transparent usage of their personal data.


By DejligLama

Working at Kulturværfet - and freelancing at DejligLama focusing on putting WordPress to the test in the hands of businesses in Denmark.

Talking and teaching Content strategy from a WordPress standpoint.

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