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Happinessbar LIVE from WordCamp Denmark 2015

Every year there is a WordCamp in Danmark, and this year I was on stage with a live version of a Happiness bar where people could ask questions that I would then try to solve/explain.

We started with a demo on a fix for the WordCamps own website, not fully responsive – that’s the first 12-15 minutes of the video. VERY geeky, so be warned if you rewind to see that… You will, however, see the Inspect element tool put to good use.

If you don’t know the Inspect Element, (Danish:Kontroller  Element), you should really get acquainted with it now.

It is available in Chrome, Firefox and Safari . Each a bit different in layout and functionality, but all cover the basics of being able to look at the shiny rendered HTML of your normal view of a webpage.

Read about each of them here:

Inspect Element i Chrome

Web Inspector i Safari

Inspector i Firefox



By DejligLama

Working at Kulturværfet - and freelancing at DejligLama focusing on putting WordPress to the test in the hands of businesses in Denmark.

Talking and teaching Content strategy from a WordPress standpoint.

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