Hi, I'm Kåre

WordPress Evangelist & Online Generalist managing kuto.dk, clickfestival.dk and knejpe-festival.dk

I’m a developer by trade and businessminded digital strategist by heart. I use my 20+ years of expirience building online products to advice companies on a strategic and hands on level.

I also co-produce a danish podcast on WordPress with Yan from Yanco.dk so if you happen to be danish, please subscribe to our feed 🙂

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In 2018 I read the entire EU General Data Protection Regulation – and thought, hmm, this needs to go into WordPress.

I had help from a very tallented guy named Peter to do the first PHP framework, which grew to an idea of a feature plugin.

Asking around on the Make.WordPress.org Slack channels got me into a small team that eventually build the first version of the GDPR tools in WordPress. So…

I helped build the GDPR tools in WordPress.

I must have done something right, since people said this about me

Kåre har en samarbejdsform, der virkelig matcher mine behov, hvis opgaven skal løses godt: Lytter, er yderst kreativ, udfordrer, samler op, spiller ind og med, har humor, – er med andre ord en meget anbefalelsesværdig og dygtig samarbejdspartner!

Karin Hoeck, TrustCulture

Jeg har siden starten af 10’erne lavet websites med Kåre. Jeg har naturligvis også haft andre fine leverandører, men Kåre udmærker sig specielt ved at være exceptionel dygtig til både at forstå og omsætte mine behov samt udfordre mig på, hvilke informationer og funktioner brugerne af hjemmesiden har, for derefter at finde de helt rigtige løsninger. Står du med en hjemmeside som skal være mere end bare et digitalt visitkort, så kan jeg på det varmeste anbefale Kåre, som på fornem vis evner at forene kommunikationsstrategi, forretningsforståelse og tilhørende rådgivning i konstruktiv proces og dermed i en brugbar løsning.

David Dupont-Mouritzen – Direktør hos Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet

In any project there are two kinds of people. The leanbackers, who wait for things to happen, and the leanforwarders, who make things happen. Kåre belongs to the last of the categories. He is a pleasure to work with, and has the will and ability to always challenge preconceived notions, which helps to create a very productive and results oriented atmosphere in a project team.

Joachim Hjerl – Founder at Maritime Allotments + CEO at Konvers

Kåre er, udover at være WordPress-haj, også en stor strategisk og teknisk kapacitet inden for online marketing. Han kommer med de bedste anbefalinger.

Jeppe Terp Scharling – Program Director at Henley Business School – Denmark

Kåre has got a unique ability to ask those difficult questions that make you better prepared as a client. He very quickly becomes familiar with the project, and he never gives up just because it hasn’t been done before. This, combined with an understanding of the importance of translating the designers work into online solutions that looks equally stunning, is something that sets him apart from the rest. I have worked with Kåre (Dejlig Lama) on multiple projects and would be happy to do so again!

Louise Brandstrup Zastrow – Entrepreneur & Creative Strategist. Founder of Travel Kollekt

Kåre is truely a visionary, innovative and courageous colleague – i worked together with him, on a project called “IdeFabrikken” (English: IdeaFactory), which main purpose was to find new ideas to products, services and more.
He is one of that kind that dosen’t take a “it’s not possible” for an answer – and as wirtten above, he’s also courageous, which in my world is necessary, when you want to change things.
He is also a funny and loving guy with a lot of energy – i really miss working with him.

Michael Eg Fausbøll – Founder and entrepreneur

Kåre is one of the few true innovative minds I’ve met. Sure the rest of us get a couple of insignificant ideas now and then… Kåre is much more than that. He has a unique ability to think out of the box without limitations, and his ideas are often way ahead of his time. At the same time he’s always up-to-date with new trends – both offline and online. If you face challenges, you can’t see your way out of, just give him a call… I bet he’s got several solutions for you 🙂

Louise Dreyer – Senior Project Manager at Danske Bank, Wealth Managemen